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NFADA Member Updates surrounding COVID 19

NADA WEBINAR: I hope everyone had a chance to watch the NADA webinar today , dealers said  it was helpful.  If not, the link is below.

A recording of today’s webinar is now available.   Making Sense of the New SBA Paycheck Protection Program: Practical Consideration for Dealers,

PPP applications can be submitted beginning Friday, April 3.    You can find the loan application and program details here


Use extreme caution, with your remote  sales procedures and dedicated delivery appointment process:

I want to strongly advise our dealers to not  get irresponsible, loose,  and lazy with your remote sales process, showroom closures, and CDC Delivery procedures  and appointments .

I received  few calls today from dealers that indicated they heard or believed the AG and/or Health Department Enforcement personnel may have been mystery shopping them or  looking for open showrooms.

I am not getting into detail of each call,  but some dealers feel they were definitely shopped today via, phone , email, and  social media where the person was asking probing questions about dealer sales process, showroom being open, etc. None actually seemed interested in a vehicle.  I am not aware yet aware of any enforcement, be need to advise you accordingly . 


Dealing with a Positive COVID-19 Test in Your Dealership?      (This memo and its contents should not be construed as legal advice)

What to do if there is  a Positive COVID-19 test in your dealership

First and foremost contact the Erie County Health Department  IMMEDIATELY!!

As COVID-19 cases increase, the reality grows that your Dealership may have an employee test positive. This email is intended to provide a response plan in the case of a positive test at your Dealership.

Action Plan for Your Dealership

  • Alert employees. A sample notice to employees is available HERE
    • In order to keep your efforts and message consistent, one point person in the Dealership should be designated to lead the action plan.
    • Inform staff of possible exposure if an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19 but maintain confidentiality as required by federal law.
    • Ask employees with flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing) to seek medical care and self-quarantine for at least 14 days
    • Be ready to communicate your time off policy; try to be flexible
    • Employer can require employee use PTO time (subject to Employer’s policy) or elect to pay them while they are off (Contact your Association with questions about Federal Stimulus packages requiring employers to provide Emergency Paid Sick Leave Days-currently not effective until April 2nd)
    • Give local managers authority to take action
    • A list of Manager’s Talking Points is available HERE
  • Clean the dealership
  • Contact customers who visited with a 14-day period from notice by affected employee
    • Contact via phone calls, Dealership Facebook page
    • Tell the complete truth in the event of exposure and do it fast, before word can leak out
  • Encourage employees to frequently wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  • Decide if you want to close the dealership for any period of time

Talking Points for Notice of Customers who visited Dealership between 14 Day Notice Period

The health and safety of our customers, employees and community is our top priority. While this is a new virus and we don’t have every answer.

On (date) 2020, we learned that one of our employees was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

We are following CDC guidelines to reduce the risk and spread of the virus. We’ve notified our employees and are in the process of contacting our customers to advise them of the situation. The health and safety of our customers, employees and community is our top priority.

For our customers who may have come in close contact with this employee:

  • Take extra precautions to further disinfect your vehicle
  • Self-quarantine for a period of 14 days
  • Contact your healthcare provider if exhibiting any symptoms, including fever, shortness of breath, coughing, etc.

In terms of our workplace environment, we have taken the following measures:

  • We have closed the dealership to conduct/are  deep cleaning and disinfecting of the entire facility
  • The dealership will remain closed until (Date)
  • Asked employees who have flu-like symptoms to seek medical care and, at a minimum, self-quarantine for 14-days
  • We’ve also asked janitorial service to continue providing additional cleaning measures on a nightly basis, including disinfecting surfaces that come into contact most frequently – phones, keyboards, door handles, desks, etc.
  • We have disinfected our food/beverage service area and customer lounge
  • Instructed valet and technicians to use a new set of gloves for every customer vehicle and clean all high touch areas
  • Provided all employees with CDC health recommendations.

The  goal is to prevent the spread of the virus while protecting you, our employees and our community.

Again, while we hope to avoid this situation the statistics show that this is an increasingly likely scenario. Our goal is to assist members in preparing for such a situation.

This memo and its contents should not be construed as legal advice.

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